You don’t spend 15 years in the motorcycle industry, buying and selling motorcycles, and talking and listening to customers without learning what does and doesn’t work and what people do and don’t want. If you’re clever, you’ll learn to innovate to keep pace with the changing times to make buying, owning and selling a motorcycle easier and more affordable, and work hard to gain – and keep – your customers’ trust.

That is why Fire It Up! Motorcycles in Fourways is introducing the #TRUST100 product. 

New motorcycles come with a limited mechanical warranty. Once that has expired, repairs can be prohibitively expensive. Normal after-market warranties cover most major items but cost an arm and a leg. 

Fire It Up! has been working with leading insurance and finance companies to bring a product to market that offers motorcyclists peace of mind with real value for money. Called the #TRUST100, the number relates to the amount of cover you will receive; R100,000. This is applied where needed; for example, R50,000 to cover the cost of an engine rebuild, R30,000 for a gearbox and R20,000 for fuel and electronics. These are figures that accurately represent the real world costs of repairs to these major components. 

Normally, such a warranty would cost in excess of R10,000. But, by cutting out all commissions and despite increasing the scope of the cover, #TRUST100 will cost an incredible R1,999. Cover lasts for one year or 20,000kms, whichever comes first, and can be extended at the end of each year or multiple years bought at inception. 

Almost every bike sold at Fire It Up is immediately eligible to add the cover as an optional extra; owners of bikes not bought from Fire It Up! but who would like to purchase the cover must take the motorcycle to Performance Technic in Kyalami for a Quality Service Check before cover can be purchased. 

Full details and T&Cs available on request from Fire It Up! 

Watch the press for launch dates of revolutionary finance offers that are set to change the motorcycle industry for the better making motorcycle ownership more affordable than ever.

Never has it been a better time to buy a brand new Kawasaki from Fire It Up! 

For peace of mind, every new bike sold comes with a free two-year service plan, exclusive to Fire It Up!, covering every mechanical and electrical part on the motorcycle. 

For performance, every new bike will be fitted with a Rapid Bike Easy electronic module worth R3,500. This amazing little unit can be fitted without cutting into any wires and optimises the air/fuel ratio to improve engine efficiency plus smooth out and boost the power delivery due to the current emission restrictions on new motorcycles. 

For safety and warmth, every new bike sold at Fire It Up in June, July and August comes with a free winter riding jacket worth R2,500. 

Even more reasons to head to Fire It Up!