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After a long break, the highly-anticipated National Motocross Championship is about to make its return. The fourth round of the premier series will take place at Dirt Bronco in Krugersdorp this weekend.
After storming to his first victory in the MX2 Class, Joshua Mlimi used the time off to gain riding experience overseas. For the past few weeks he has been based in Temecula, California, perfecting his craft of motocross. He raced in the Swapmoto Amsoil West Coast Open Series and Mammoth Motocross.
We catch up with the rising star as he prepares to take on Dirt Bronco with a completely new perspective:
What were you hoping to gain from your experience in the US?
To gain knowledge and refine my skills – especially those small technicalities that will make a big difference to my riding. I wanted to really just unfold myself as a rider and learn from the best in the US. 
Having mixed with the best in this sport, what areas of your riding were highlighted that you’d like to work on going forward?
During my time over there I learnt that there is always someone better, but that was a good thing. It didn’t intimidate me or stop me from wanting to become better each and every day. I realised that I need to get out of my comfort zone to achieve the best possible results and maximum performance.
How has this trip inspired your long-term dreams as a motocross rider?
My ultimate dream is to still make it happen in the United States. My stay there was short, but I realised that it’s where I want to be ultimately to pursue my motocross career.

Are you going to approach the next national any differently having gained this experience? 
Yes – I’m coming in with a lot of confidence! I really feel like I can win again. The knowledge that I’ve gained will definitely give me an edge over my competition this weekend. Some people may think this comes off as cocky, but it’s not. I’ve realised what I am capable of when I am not in my own space.
What are your thoughts ahead of the next round?
Dirt Bronco is always a cool race. I enjoy the terrain and the new layout should be fun and challenging.