It’s official…
Red Bull KTM has set itself up for double motocross glory. The team stepped into the lead in both the MX1 and MX2 Class at the penultimate round of the National Motocross Championship in Welkom.
It was new recruit Tristan Purdon who stepped onto the top step in MX1. The rider set the track alight on Saturday when he went 1-1 to take the victory overall. After a long season of slowly clawing his way back up the leader board, Purdon commented:
“I hit a real low coming into the season with an injury. I couldn’t train as hard as the others and felt like I was falling behind. I’ve been slowly picking away at the gap on the top guys until I was ready to push the pace up front. It was crucial to step into the lead at this point of the series – it puts me in the position I was hoping to be in before the final round.”
Purdon last tasted national glory in 2017 and is about to pull out all the stops in his effort to reclaim the MX1 crown.
Nine-time national champion Kerim Fitz-Gerald stormed to victory in the MX2 Class in the same 1-1 winning streak as Purdon. It’s been a while since the motocross legend has been this close to taking a championship title, as he explained:
“I haven’t won a championship since 2016 – it’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like! I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch though, I’ve lost championships in the last round of the season in the past. It’s far from over at this point, so I’m going to keep fighting until the very end.” 
Teammate and championship contender Joshua Mlimi finished second behind Fitz-Gerald in both heats. The Red Bull KTM rivalry has created one of the most exciting seasons the team has had in years, and with the final round looming large the MX2 title is still open to both riders.
Adding to the celebrations in the orange camp was a High School Class victory from international wildcard Camden Mc Lellan. The Red Bull KTM star has been competing overseas for the majority of the season and ripped the field apart upon his return. 
With the intention of following his brother’s footsteps, younger brother Nate Mc Lellan stepped onto the Pro Mini podium on Saturday. In his effort to defend his spot on the leader board, the rider won the first heat of the day and finished third in the final heat to retain third overall.
The season finale is set to take place at Terra Topia next month – a hometown track for many of the Red Bull KTM squad.