Husqvarna : 2020 Models revealed at Eicma 2019

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Now in their third year of production, the VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN range of street motorcycles receives new colours and technical details that enhance the modern look of their ground-breaking designs. 

The VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 401, with their strong and tractable 373 cc, 44 hp single cylinder engine, are equally well suited for urban environments as well as out-of-town riding, thanks to their dynamic chassis, accessible overall size and low weight, only 151 kg and 152 kg respectively without fuel. For 2020, they both feature a new bolt-on subframe that has been extended by 40 mm for improved comfort when accompanied by a pillion rider, as well as new, high quality paint finish and graphics that highlight their progressive design.

With 75 hp, the high-performance 692 cc single cylinder engine of the VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 701 compliments the dynamic handling and exciting riding experience of the lightweight chassis, only 158 kg and 161 kg respectively without fuel which are further highlighted by new spoked wheels, CNC machined footrests and the addition of a standard pillion seat cover fitted to the VITPILEN 701. The striking looks are enhanced in 2020 thanks to new colour, trim and graphics.

The updated VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 401 and VITPILEN and SVARTPILEN 701 aim to consolidate Husqvarna Motorcycles’ continuous development and growth in the street segment. Together with the 701 SUPERMOTO and ENDURO, the record sales figure of over 15,000 street motorcycles was achieved in 2018, significantly contributing to the overall sales record of 48,555 units sold by Husqvarna Motorcycles in 2018.




  • Extended subframe for increased pillion comfort
  • Striking new graphics, trim and paint finish
  • Powerful yet tractable 373 cc, 44 hp, 37 Nm, single cylinder engine
  • Lightweight and nimble handling
    • VITPILEN 401: 151 kg without fuel
    • SVARTPILEN 401: 152 kg without fuel
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • Accessible size: 835 mm seat height
  • Extremely low fuel consumption and running costs


  • Spoked wheels as standard:
    • VITPILEN: 17” front and rear
    • SVARTPILEN: 18” front and 17” rear
  • Striking new graphics, trim and paint finish
  • CNC machined footrests
  • Powerful and torquey 692 cc, 75 hp, 72 Nm, single cylinder engine
  • Dynamic, lightweight high-performance chassis
    • VITPILEN 701: 158 kg without fuel
    • SVARTPILEN 701: 161 kg without fuel
  • Adjustable suspension
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • Slipper clutch
  • Up/down Easy Shift
  • Low fuel consumption



The VITPILEN 401 is a fresh and simple approach within the world of motorcycling. It is subtle and stripped of all that is unnecessary. The extremely lightweight chassis, only 151 kg without fuel, matched to the strong performance of the 44 hp single cylinder engine and a sporty riding position, guarantee an exciting riding experience on tight and twisty roads as well as in urban environments.

For 2020, the bolt-on subframe has been optimised and extended by 40 mm for improved comfort when accompanied by a pillion rider. A new, quality painted finish with subtle bronze accents highlights the progressive VITPILEN design.

  • Striking new graphics and paint highlight the progressive VITPILEN design
  • Optimised bolt-on subframe, extended by 40 mm for increased pillion comfort
  • Sporty and dynamic riding position for complete control
  • Refined fuelling for exceptional throttle response throughout entire rev-range
  • 44 hp, 37 Nm, 373 cc, single cylinder engine
  • Chromoly steel trellis frame
  • Aluminium swingarm
  • Suspension:
    • Front: WP APEX Ø 43 mm adjustable upside-down fork, 142 mm suspension travel
    • Rear: WP APEX monoshock, 150 mm suspension travel
  • Brakes:
    • Bosch 9.1MB ABS
    • Front: four-piston radial fixed caliper, 320 mm brake disc
    • Rear: single-piston floating caliper, 230 mm brake disc
  • Seat height: 835 mm
  • Weight without fuel: 151 kg 
  • Spoked wheels for a unique sense of style
  • Back-lit buttons on handlebar
  • Adjustable front brake and clutch levers
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • High quality fit and finish
  • Extremely low fuel consumption and low overall running costs


The SVARTPILEN 401 is a progressive, rugged motorcycle with timeless appeal, designed to endure the demands of urban exploration. The modern design is enhanced by a dynamic riding experience thanks to the 44 hp single cylinder engine, chromium molybdenum trellis frame, extremely low 152 kg weight without fuel, high-performance WP APEX suspension, and commanding riding position.

For 2020, the bolt-on subframe has been optimised and extended by 40 mm for improved comfort when accompanied by a pillion rider. A new, quality painted finish with subtle silver accents highlights the unique SVARTPILEN design.

  • Striking new graphics highlight the unique SVARTPILEN heritage
  • Optimised bolt-on subframe, extended by 40 mm for increased pillion comfort
  • Upright riding position for a commanding, confidence-inspiring, accessible yet exciting riding experience
  • Refined fuelling for exceptional throttle response throughout entire rev-range
  • 44 hp, 37 Nm, 373 cc, single cylinder engine
  • Chromoly steel trellis frame
  • Aluminium swingarm
  • Suspension:
    • Front: WP APEX Ø 43 mm adjustable upside-down fork, 142 mm suspension travel
    • Rear: WP APEX monoshock, 150 mm suspension travel
  • Brakes:
    • Bosch 9.1MB ABS
    • Front: four-piston radial fixed caliper, 320 mm brake disc
    • Rear: single-piston floating caliper, 230 mm brake disc
  • Seat height: 835 mm
  • Weight without fuel: 152 kg 
  • Spoked wheels enhance the rugged and modern look
  • Back-lit buttons on handlebar
  • Adjustable front brake and clutch levers
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • High quality fit and finish
  • Extremely low fuel consumption and low overall running costs


The VITPILEN 701 combines minimalist, reduced to the bare essence styling, with exceptional performance thanks to the powerful and torquey 692 cc, 75 hp, 72 Nm, single cylinder engine and chromium molybdenum trellis frame. The sport-orientated suspension and ergonomics guarantee a thrilling riding experience on technical and twisty roads, fully complemented by strong Brembo brakes and Bosch 9M+ ABS.

For 2020, the VITPILEN 701 features standard CNC machined footrests for premium quality and attention to detail, new quality painted finish and graphics, and 17” spoked wheels for a modern, unmistakable look.

  • New colour, trim and graphics highlight Husqvarna’s Swedish roots
  • 17” spoked wheels for a stylish and authentic design
  • Dynamic and exciting riding experience thanks to low weight and sport-orientated chassis
  • 75 hp, 72 Nm, 692 cc, single cylinder engine
  • Chromoly steel trellis frame
  • Aluminium swingarm
  • Slipper clutch
  • Up/down Easy Shift
  • Suspension:
    • Front: WP APEX Ø 43 mm fully adjustable upside-down fork, 135 mm suspension travel
    • Rear: WP APEX adjustable monoshock, 135 mm suspension travel
  • Brakes:
    • Bosch 9M+ ABS
    • Front: four-piston radial fixed caliper, 320 mm brake disc
    • Rear: single-piston floating caliper, 240 mm brake disc
  • Seat height: 830 mm
  • Weight without fuel: 158 kg 
  • Adjustable front brake and clutch levers
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • High quality fit and finish


The SVARTPILEN 701’s design is inspired by the raw and timeless authenticity of the flat track scene, but brought to life in a premium, modern and progressive way.  The raw, authentic and thrilling ride is guaranteed by a lightweight chassis, only 161 kg without fuel, and 75 hp single cylinder engine.

For 2020, the SVARTPILEN 701 features standard CNC machined footrests for premium quality and attention to detail, highlighted by the bronze colour and 18” front and 17” rear spoked wheels that contribute to the bike’s dark, mysterious appeal and exceptional performance.

  • New bronze colour, trim and graphics
  • 18” front and 17” rear spoked wheels for a stylish and authentic design
  • Confidence-inspiring riding position and ergonomics, matched to a sport-orientated chassis
  • 75 hp, 72 Nm, 692 cc, single cylinder engine
  • Chromoly steel trellis frame
  • Aluminium swingarm
  • Slipper clutch
  • Up/down Easy Shift
  • Suspension:
    • Front: WP APEX Ø 43 mm fully adjustable upside-down fork, 150 mm suspension travel
    • Rear: WP APEX adjustable monoshock, 150 mm suspension travel
  • Brakes:
    • Bosch 9M+ ABS
    • Front: four-piston radial fixed caliper, 320 mm brake disc
    • Rear: single-piston floating caliper, 240 mm brake disc
  • Seat height: 835 mm
  • Weight without fuel: 161 kg 
  • Adjustable front brake and clutch levers
  • LED headlight and tail light
  • High quality fit and finish



For 2020, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO models feature the latest cutting-edge electronic rider aids. Cornering ABS, lean angle sensitive traction control, ride modes and easy shift are featured as standard and offer the highest levels of safety matched to the highest performance. Fitted with an advanced Engine Management System, perfect power delivery, precise throttle response and customisable control over the motorcycle is ensured in all conditions.

For the first time the new machines will have their own unique progressive new graphics. Strikingly individual, both models offer impressive power and torque, together with outstanding chassis agility and handling, for inspiring, fun-filled adventures. 

Bred from Husqvarna Motorcycles’ highly popular 701 ENDURO, the brand new 701 ENDURO LR (Long Range) shares the same advanced electronics as the 701 ENDURO, but offers additional touring capabilities for riders wanting to travel further. Remaining a lightweight and nimble machine, the additional 12-litre auxiliary fuel tank increases the total fuel capacity to 25 litres, meaning a significantly bigger fuel range for endless enduro capability. 

All three models are extremely well-balanced, offering outstanding levels of agility and handling. The renowned, torquey, 74 hp single-cylinder 692.7 cc engine features ride-by-wire throttle, offering a perfectly linear power delivery.

The new 701 SUPERMOTO, 701 ENDURO and 701 ENDURO LR ensure Husqvarna riders have the perfect machinery to make the most out of any riding situation, ranging from daily commuting to adrenaline-filled on or offroad adventures.

The 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO models marked Husqvarna Motorcycles’ return to the street motorcycle segment in 2015, contributing to the brands record-breaking year-on-year sales results. 



  • New switchable Ride Modes – change power characteristics while riding  
  • New Bosch cornering ABS – lean angle specific braking technology 
  • New Easy Shift function – shorter shift times and improved rear wheel traction
  • New lean-angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control – perfect rear wheel traction 
  • New graphics and slim bodywork – carefully engineered ergonomics 
  • 74 hp single cylinder engine – Impressive power and torque and long service intervals
  • Ride-by-wire throttle – perfect power delivery and throttle response
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame – amazing agility and stability 
  • WP XPLOR and WP APEX suspension – versatile and simple adjustability
  • Aluminium swingarm – extremely low weight for maximum traction and stability
  • Polyamide rear subframe with integrated fuel tank – high-tech, single-piece construction
  • Slipper clutch – maximum control under hard acceleration, braking and down-shifting
  • State-of-the-art bodywork – perfect rider movement and maximum control 


Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame

The lightweight trellis frame is made of high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel. It is developed to ensure precise handling and instil complete confidence in the rider. Detailed feedback is transmitted to the rider thanks to precisely calculated torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex. It works equally well on the street and offroad, harnessing the power of the big single cylinder motor while guaranteeing amazing agility and stability, combined with perfect weight distribution and a tight turning circle.

The trellis frame only weighs 8.4 kg. The laser cut components are robot welded and hydro-formed for maximum precision and consistent quality, underlining the cutting-edge technology of every Husqvarna motorcycle.

  • Precisely engineered torsional rigidity and longitudinal flex → detailed feedback for maximum rider confidence and comfort
  • Lightweight construction → excellent agility and handling

Aluminium swingarm

By eliminating welding, the single-component, die-cast swingarm weighs just 3.9 kg. Specifically, designed flex ensures the highest levels of traction and stability.

  • One-piece construction → superior quality and light weight
  • Carefully engineered flex characteristics → maximum traction and stability

Polyamide rear subframe and tank

The self-supporting rear subframe with integrated 13-litre fuel tank is perfectly positioned for the best possible weight distribution. The single-piece construction weighs only 5.2 kg and is made of high strength polyamide in a thermoplastic rotational moulding production process. It is impact resistant and has been designed to increase versatility by allowing for the mounting of hardware for side and rear bags with the addition of a dedicated mounting frame, as well as offering the possibility of mounting passenger handles.

  • Lightweight, high-tech construction → integrates 13-litre fuel tank
  • Versatility → possibility of mounting hardware for side and rear bags


The 701 ENDURO and 701 SUPERMOTO are fitted with state-of-the-art bodywork featuring a long seat that reaches over the radiator shrouds to improve grip in all conditions. Striking new graphics highlight Husqvarna’s progressive design. Tightly wrapped around the engine and frame, the 701’s bodywork is ergonomically designed to connect the rider’s body to the motorcycle. This perfect fit between man and machine allows for total control in all riding situations. Standard handguards protect the rider’s hands from the elements.

  • Striking new graphics → highlight Husqvarna’s progressive design
  • Slim bodywork → perfect movement and ergonomics for all rider sizes
  • Functional design → carefully engineered ergonomics for maximum control



The unparalleled, 692.7cc, single overhead cam, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine features the latest technology in terms of design and electronics. Maximum power output of 55 kW (74 hp) at 8,000 rpm and torque of 73.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm are outstanding figures that leave riders in no doubt of the performance potential of this single cylinder masterpiece. The extremely lightweight engine weighs only 43.4 kg without oil but including all components such as electric start, throttle body, clutch and coolant lines. Reliability, durability and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to technical solutions such as active crankcase evacuation and forced lubrication, which reduce oil friction and pump losses contributing to the long 10,000 km service intervals and extremely low fuel consumption. Importantly, this lowers the cost of ownership of this class-leading single cylinder power plant. 

  • Impressive power and torque → 74 hp 73.5 Nm
  • Long service intervals and low fuel consumption → low cost of ownership
  • Cutting edge ride-by-wire electronics → class-leading single cylinder technology and performance

Cylinder head

A smooth power delivery is guaranteed thanks to the state-of-the-art four-valve cylinder head and twin spark ignition. The single overhead camshaft acts directly on the 42 mm intake valves via finger followers while the 34 mm exhaust valves are operated by a rocker arm, which delivers more exact valve timing at higher engine speeds. 

  • Single overhead cam → compact cylinder head design, low friction, lightweight and cost efficient
  • Double spark plugs → smooth engine behaviour, better emissions and fuel consumption
  • Usable power up to 8,000 rpm

Crankshaft, conrod and piston 

The crankshaft features an 80 mm stroke that runs on a roller bearing to ensure long service intervals and reliability. To increase comfort and reduce vibrations a second counter balancer shaft reduces inertia forces for a smoother ride. The plain bearing type connecting rod is connected to the large bore 105 mm piston via a DLC (diamond like coating) piston pin. This along with the aluminium and silicon alloy piston material makes for a high strength and wear-resistant combination, which is reliable even at the 9,000-rpm limit. The compression ratio is 12.7:1.

  • Large bore and short stroke → 105 mm/80 mm
  • Forged aluminium and silicone allow piston → high performance and lightweight
  • Reduced oscillating masses → lower vibrations 

Ride-by-wire throttle

The Keihin electronic fuel injection features a 50 mm throttle body that has no mechanical linkage to the throttle grip. As the rider twists the throttle open or closed, the throttle valve is electronically controlled by the engine management system (EMS), which continuously compares engine parameters with data from sensors and adjusts the throttle valve accordingly. This results in perfect power delivery and throttle response. Additionally, an intake resonator also improves the intake charge movement and as a result provides optimal throttle response specifically at small throttle valve positions.

  • Electronically controlled throttle → perfect power delivery and throttle response
  • Intake resonator → exceptional throttle response from low rpm

Cutting-edge ABS

The latest technology in braking systems is fitted to the 701 ENDURO and 701 SUPERMOTO. The Bosch cornering ABS system can be completely switched off for riders who wish to have full braking control. The system also features advanced rollover protection – in standard ABS mode, under extremely hard braking, sensors avoid the motorcycle from front-flipping and throwing the rider over the bars.

  • Bosch 9.1 MP ABS → maximum braking performance and safety
  • ABS can be switched off entirely → full control of braking

Ride Modes

Ride modes can easily be switched from the handlebar, making adjustments to the power characteristic of the engine possible on the go. Street mode (mode 1) is available on both the 701 ENDURO and 701 SUPERMOTO with a sporty throttle response and cornering sensitive MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control), minimising wheel slip and wheelies for controlled street riding performance.

  • Switchable ride modes → change the power characteristic and traction control on the fly

Lean angle sensor

The Lean angle sensor keeps track of the angle of the motorcycle and sends information to the ECU and relevant control units, which use this data to adjust Traction control and ABS actuation.


The MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control) lean-angle sensitive traction control system reacts immediately when the rotational speed of the rear wheel is disproportionate to the riding situation. In a matter of milliseconds, MTC reduces the engine output with an extremely smooth, barely noticeable intervention at the throttle valves, until the system has reduced slippage for the selected ride mode and current lean angle. For riders looking for full control of their motorcycle, the traction control can also be switched off.

  • Lean-angle sensitive traction control → perfect rear wheel traction in all riding situations
  • Fully disengageable → full control over rear wheel slippage

Gearbox / Easy Shift

A lightweight 6 speed gearbox with smooth and precise shifting gives riders perfect control and confidence even in extreme conditions on track or off-road.

With Easy Shift gears can be seamlessly shifted up or down without using the clutch. The system uses two sensors, one on the shift arm, which detects the movement on the shift lever rod when the rider upshifts. The second sensor detects the gear engagement and matches engine parameters to allow a simple gear change at any RPM or engine load.   

When downshifting, the system matches the engine speed to the speed of the lower gear.

  • Shorter shift times and improved rear wheel traction
  • A more precise and smoother ride → clutch actuation and backing off the throttle are no longer required
  • The rider can keep full grip on the handlebars.

Slipper clutch

The power assist slipper clutch (PASC) by Adler allows for greater speeds going into and coming out of corners. By maximising rear wheel grip under hard acceleration, as well as preventing rear wheel instability and hopping when braking hard into the apex of a turn, it ensures maximum control and perfect down-shifting. The unique design makes it easier to pull the clutch lever and reduces lever vibration. The Magura hydraulic system guarantees perfect clutch action.

  • Slipper clutch → maximum control under hard acceleration, braking and down-shifting
  • Magura hydraulic system → perfect clutch action


The stainless steel exhaust allows the engine to breathe freely while maintaining low noise and exhaust emissions, as well as being perfectly integrated into the overall design.


A front-mounted airbox is easily accessible from under the seat and guarantees optimal air flow to the engine while ensuring maximum protection against the elements.


Front Suspension

The 701 ENDURO uses a 48 mm WP XPLOR upside-down fork. The split fork design is fitted with springs on both sides but features separate damping functions. Compression damping is on the left and the rebound is on the right-hand side, without influencing each other. As with all XPLOR forks by WP, the clicker settings can easily and quickly be adjusted via the dials on the top of the fork tubes with 30 clicks each. A red dial on the right alters rebound damping, while a white dial on the left is for compression damping.

WP suspension stands for top quality and offers the best performance levels. Precision engineering, quality materials and advanced production processes are an integral part of the WP forks on the Husqvarna model range.

  • 48 mm WP XPLOR upside-down fork → split fork design with springs on both sides but separate damping functions
  • Easy access clicker dials → simple and fast clicker settings
  • 250 mm wheel travel → versatile enduro suspension

Integrated front tank – *701 ENDURO LR only*

The perfectly integrated front tank offers an additional fuel capacity of 12 litres giving the 701 ENDURO LR an effective range of +- 500 km for long range offroad riding. The single-piece construction is made from an impact resistant high strength polyamide. The fuel supply can be easily selected while riding with a handlebar mounted switch as each tank has a separate fuel pump. For added predictability on extended rides, the front tank has an additional reserve indicator. Both the front and rear tank offer a key lock that can be easily unlocked using the main ignition key. 

  • Lightweight, integrated construction → additional 12-litre capacity
  • Easy switch between front and rear tank → handlebar mounted switch
  • Reserve indicator on both tanks → predictability to explore remote regions

Rear Suspension

The high-performance WP XPLOR rear shock is completely adjustable for rebound and high and low speed compression damping. Connected to a link with offroad specific geometry and 250 mm rear wheel travel it ensures unbeatable all-terrain capability.

  • WP XPLOR shock → completely adjustable for rebound and high/low-speed compression damping
  • 250 mm wheel travel → excellent all-terrain capability
  • Rubber damping system → superb comfort

CNC Machined Triple Clamps

As on the other major components of the chassis, the anodised CNC machined triple clamps have precisely engineered flex designed into them that allows the fork tubes to flex under stress. This gives the rider more feeling under braking and on bumpy terrain. They are designed to evenly distribute the clamping force on the fork leg, maximizing contact area for optimal sensitivity and minimum friction. Additionally, the handlebar is attached to the triple clamp through a rubber damping system for reduced vibrations and superb comfort. 

  • Precisely engineered flex → maximum feedback to the rider
  • Sophisticated fork leg clamping → even distribution of clamping force on fork leg


Black DID rims, made of high strength aluminium alloy, ensure the 701 ENDURO wheels can take on the toughest terrain. The offroad capabilities of the 701 ENDURO are underlined by the size of the wheels – 21” at the front and 18” at the rear.

  • Lightweight, strong and reliable construction → minimum unsprung weight


Continental TKC 80 tyres are standard fitment on the 701 ENDURO. The tried and tested tyres offer high levels of grip and handling on a wide variety of terrain, on street and offroad, as well as guaranteeing impressive longevity. The sizes are 90/90-21 at the front and 140/80-18 at the rear.

  • Continental TKC 80 tyres → excellent grip and handling on all surfaces


The latest ABS technology by Bosch features advanced logic for off-road conditions, such as gravel, and is mated to high performance Brembo brakes – a two-piston floating caliper, Ø 300 mm floating wave disc at the front, and a single-piston caliper, Ø 240 mm floating wave disc at the rear. The perfectly placed controls allow for optimal feel and balance under all conditions. 

  • High performance brakes → shorter stopping distance with greater control and confidence

Off-road Ride Mode

The Off-road ride mode (mode 2) provides a smooth throttle response with offroad traction control, allowing wheel slip and lifting of the front wheel for offroad usage without hindering the performance. 

In off-road mode, the lean angle functionality is disengaged allowing the rider to turn while using berms and ruts. 

Off-road ABS mode

With an additional accessory dongle, it is possible to switch into off-road ABS mode. In the off-road mode, ABS only functions on the front wheel. The rider can then lock up the rear wheel for improved vehicle control offroad and the reduced ABS activation on the front wheel helps in effective deceleration on loose surfaces. ABS is no longer lean angle sensitive in this mode, nor does it detect a lifting of the rear wheel.

A2 Licence compatible

With the specific A2 engine map that limits power to 30 kW, the 701 ENDURO can be ridden by A2 licence holders that aspire to becoming true world travellers.

701 ENDURO and 701 ENDURO LR Benefits

  • Versatility, thanks to the unique combination of street and off-road capabilities
  • Extended adventure and touring capability with 25-litre fuel capacity *701 ENDURO LR only*
  • Astounding power-to-weight ratio 
  • Advanced electronics allow full control over the motorcycle’s performance
  • Advanced safety and controllability thanks to Bosch ABS
  • Competition-level suspension front and back for outstanding control and adjustability
  • Extensive range of accessories to tailor the motorcycle to each individual’s needs
  • A2 licence compatible


TE 300i Jarvis Edition

Graham Jarvis is the King of Hard Enduro. Despite his mature 44 years of age, the wise veteran shows no signs of slowing down. He has conquered the toughest terrain in the world’s most prestigious events, securing the win at Red Bull Romaniacs six times, Erzberg Rodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble five times, and Hells Gate five times. Flowing through technical terrain with unparalleled skill, the former trials champion has certainly influenced the way others approach the sport. A fitting tribute to the legend, the new TE 300i JARVIS EDITION is the perfect machine to explore new ground and go where few have gone before. The trusted 2-stroke is exceedingly simple to manage. Combined with electronic fuel injection, smooth power delivery and an extremely nimble chassis, this limited edition TE 300i delivers class-leading performance to match its official Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing graphics.

Technical highlights TE 300i JARVIS EDITION:

  • Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing graphics 
  • Black frame
  • Blue CNC machined triple clamps
  • Black seat cover with additional ribs
  • Supersprox blue rear sprocket
  • Front disc protector
  • Blue chain guide
  • Grey ODI grips


Norden 901 Concept

Husqvarna Motorcycles – shaped by their unique and distinct origins, where only the purest and smartest solutions could endure the rugged Scandinavian landscape. This DNA is reflected in the proven design and engineering expertise that have shaped today’s high-performance motorcycles. 

Riding a Husqvarna means recognising and enjoying a unique and dynamic motorcycle that was simply built for those who measure the bike by the ride itself.


Gliding across a corrugated dirt road, treating each corner as a waypoint as you venture towards a distant horizon. There’s something truly liberating about being able to pick any direction and just go. Having the confidence in yourself, your equipment and your surroundings to follow your curiosity, wherever it may lead you. Husqvarna Motorcycles’ interpretation of a travel enduro, the NORDEN 901 concept, invites you to do just that. Harnessing the dynamic performance and versatility that is discreetly packaged for effortless exploration, this highly capable mid-sized 889.5 cc parallel twin is built for those looking to broaden their horizons.


This compact twin-cylinder motorcycle features distinct modern design and offers dual accessibility towards adventure riding and exploration thanks to its outstanding combination of street and offroad performance. It boasts class-leading lightness and power delivery that is set in a versatile and accessible package, precisely arranged to allow discerning riders uncompromised exploration possibilities. With effortless rideability and sensible high-end modern equipment – this motorcycle invites riders to find new ways as they aim as far beyond the horizon as their curiosity leads them – just as at home on asphalt, as it is far from it.

Technical highlights NORDEN 901 Concept:

  • Slim and light explorer motorcycle
  • 889.5 cc parallel twin engine 
  • Perfect balance between offroad performance and touring ability
  • 21” front wheel, 18” rear
  • Comfortable ergonomics and competent street and offroad handling
  • High quality WP suspension components 

HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLES return to MOTO3 competition with Max Racing team & the FR 250GP

OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED SATELLITE TEAM WILL FIELD TWO RIDERS IN 2020 MOTO3 SEASON ONBOARD NEW HUSQVARNA FR 250 GP MACHINESHusqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to announce their return to international road racing and the FIM World Championship Grand Prix Moto3 class where they will officially support the Max Racing Team. Owned by four-time 250cc World Champion Max Biaggi who secured no fewer than 42 GP victories during an illustrious career and under the management of experienced German former-racer Peter Öttl, the team will field Romano Fenati and Alonso Lopez in the 2020 season on the new Husqvarna FR 250 GP. The Moto3 class replaced the outgoing 125cc category in 2012 and is restricted to single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke machines. In 2014 Husqvarna Motorcycles secured Moto3 class podium finishes, stepping away from the series at the end of 2015. With a rich heritage in road racing, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ return to the hotly contested Moto3 category mirrors the brand’s wider expansion into the global street motorcycle market.
The experienced Romano Fenati finished the 2017 Moto3 World Championship as runner-up, showing himself to be a rider capable of delivering strong, season-long performances. During his time as a Moto3 campaigner Fenati has earned 11 GP victories, 24 podiums and four pole positions. Alonso Lopez, at just 17 years old, is also keen to make his mark on the Moto3 series. 2020 will be the young Spaniard’s third year in the class having made his debut in 2018, claiming a recent third-place result at the Thai Grand Prix he has shown he is more than capable of fighting for top results.

Moto3 World Championship kicks off in Qatar on March 8th.
Stefan Pierer – CEO KTM AG: “We are very much looking forward to seeing the return of Husqvarna Motorcycles to the MotoGP paddock. The Moto3 class represents the perfect platform to showcase the Husqvarna brand, as we have seen in the past during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. With Husqvarna Motorcycles continuing to expand in the direction of performance street motorcycles, we believe the added exposure from racing in the Moto3 class will help us maintain the brand’s continued growth for many years to come.”

Pit Beirer – Motorsports Director at KTM / Husqvarna Motorcycles: “We’re really excited to be able to bring the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand back into road racing and the Moto3 World Championship. The Moto3 category is an excellent platform to nurture new Grand Prix talent and represents the first rung in MotoGP World Championship competition when it comes to developing rider potential. With the knowledgeable and experienced pairing of Max Biaggi and Peter Öttl heading the team, and riders Fenati and Lopez both more than capable of challenging for race wins, we are really looking forward to seeing what the Max Racing Team can do in the 2020 season with the Husqvarna FR 250 GP.”

Max Biaggi – Max Racing Team Principal: “I am very happy that Husqvarna Motorcycles have chosen to support our team for their return to international road racing. Husqvarna’s re-entry into Moto3 is a very special and unique moment, one that personally I am very proud to be associated with. Everyone in the team is looking forward to 2020. We believe that with the support of Husqvarna Motorcycles we can achieve great things. Our two riders are both very motivated. With Romano Fenati and Alonso Lopez, we have one experienced and one young rider, but both can deliver strong results. We will give our riders all we can to allow them to show their true potential.”

Peter Öttl – Max Racing Team Manager: “I am really proud to work with Husqvarna Motorcycles in the Moto3 World Championship. After my active racing career, I worked for Husqvarna in their Offroad Racing Department, so to be opening another chapter with the brand in 2020 is personally very special to me. We have a close relationship with the company for almost 10 years now and this project is another display of trust but also a huge responsibility for our team. With the signing of Romano Fenati and Alonso Lopez, we will have two promising riders on the Husqvarna FR 250 GP. Fenati is one of the most successful Moto3 riders in recent years and he proved it already with 11 GP victories. We are convinced that he has the potential to fight for the podium right away. With Alonso Lopez, we rely on a young rider – he´s just 17 years old but already with two years’ experience in the FIM World Championship. During the last races he has produced some great performances in the category and we are confident he will evolve and improve in our team. I am more than satisfied with our rider line-up – with an experienced rider and a young talent both at a high level in the Moto3 FIM World Championship we’re looking forward to a very positive 2020 season.”

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