Kawasaki is Supercharged at EICMA

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With no less than six new or recently announced models to highlight at Milan’s EICMA show – along with a stand bursting with carry over machines in new colours, genuine accessories and racing machinery – Kawasaki has a truly Supercharged presence at the world famous Italian motorcycling event in November. 

Already unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, and teased on video to huge worldwide public reaction, the Z H2 Hypernaked makes its first physical appearance in Europe at EICMA and all eyes will be on this class leading machine with its Sugomi styling, all LED lighting, new trellis chassis, Brembo front calipers and unique balanced Supercharged engine. 

Boasting an impressive array of electronic rider aids such as integrated riding modes, launch control, traction control, assist and slipper clutch, cruise control, quick shifter and intelligent advanced cornering ABS, the presence of the Z H2, plus its peak power of 200PS, reveal a machine sure to capture headlines as well as hearts in 2020. 
The famous Z range itself is refreshed for the coming season with rider focused changes to the Z900 adding traction control, integrated rider modes and also the same style of TFT meter and all LED lighting, power modes and Smartphone connectivity as on the mighty Z H2. Add a more rigid frame in the swing arm area, newly enhanced acceleration and deceleration feeling allied to a tuned exhaust note and one of Kawasaki’s best sellers in Europe just forced itself to the top of the pack again along with its A2 focused 70 kW (adjustable to 35kw) identical in appearance Z900 sibling. 

And in the A2 or so-called entry level arena, the Z650 gets LED lights, a TFT meter as well for 2020 and, like all the TFT equipped Kawasaki machines, enjoys Smartphone connectivity using Kawasaki’s Rideology app logging machine settings and – according to machine – a variety of other motorcycle and journey statistics. 

Partnering the fresh and aggressive styling of the Z650 in the new year will be a refreshed Ninja 650 with an even more aggressive cowl behind which is placed the TFT meter panel. For passengers, the rear seat padding has changed on both the Ninja 650 and Z650 with a wider and deeper rear seat while the Ninja 1000SX receives updates to both the passenger and rider seating. As two of Kawasaki’s top selling bikes in Europe – and responsible for bringing many new people to the world of two wheels – the Z650 and Ninja 650 are sure to make a big impression in 2020. 

For the Ninja 1000SX, the refinements to the adaptable sports and touring package adds further to this highly popular machine with the addition of electronic cruise control, four selectable rider modes, a quick shifter, electronic throttle valves plus a more aggressive cowl styling treatment (with a 4-way screen offering increased wind protection) and sporty single silencer. For sure this is a Ninja and proud to sit alongside machines such as the Ninja H2 SX but it also has prodigious touring capacity thanks to optional 56l combined capacity colour coded panniers operating on a “one key” system along with the ignition and fuel cap key. 

Ninja and Z heritage is joined in 2020 by a machine representing a model line stretching all the way back to 1966. The W800 completes a three-machine model offering for 2020 alongside the current W800 Street and W800 CAFE. Resplendent in chrome and polished metal, the W800 is equipped with a 19inch front wheel and – like the other W’s for the incoming season – a new frame, tuned exhaust sound, new ABS brakes and a fuel tank with more volume. Already anticipating Euro 5 legislation, the W800 succeeds comfortably in looking forward while not ignoring its past. 

Naturally, in terms of harnessing the corporate strength and achievements of the Kawasaki group for 2020 there is no sign more potent than the totally in-house developed and manufactured Supercharger at the core of the new Z H2 making a four-machine stable of Ninja H2, Ninja H2R, Ninja H2 SX and now Z H2. 

Again, Kawasaki unveils new and diverse machinery at EICMA and again the effect will be compelling. Kawasaki at EICMA – Supercharge! 

 2020 Ninja 1000SX – The Best of Both Worlds 

 The 2020 Ninja 1000SX marks the fourth generation of a successful sport touring platform. Cleaner emissions with the same great performance, sportier, more dynamic new styling, a single-sided muffler and all-LED lighting feature on the new spec list. Sport and Touring capability; the 2020 Ninja 1000SX truly offers the Best of Both Worlds. 

Increased seat comfort for both rider and passenger is just one of the modifications that also include the debut of Electronic Cruise Control, a Quick Shifter, integrated Riding Modes combining KTRC and Power Modes and 10.9cm all-digital TFT colour instrumentation with smartphone connectivity – making this refined Sport Tourer more attractive than ever. 

The new styling accentuates the new all LED lights including head and tail lights plus licence plate light and indicators while grip is delivered via Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres. 

Ergonomically thicker, wider rider and passenger seats deliver increased comfort, facilitating longer hours in the saddle with the rear seat cushion being wider, it offers a greater surface area. Couple this with a new design of screen adjustable in no less than four positions – plus the option of a larger accessory screen – and distance riding is enhanced further still for the coming year. 

Rider aids that previously included an electronic cornering management function plus intelligent anti-lock braking are augmented by four selectable rider mode options. 

For further convenience, a Bluetooth chip built into the instrument panel enables riders to connect to their motorcycle wirelessly. Using Kawasaki’s Rideology smartphone application a number of instrument functions can be accessed, contributing to an enhanced motorcycling experience. 

Functions include vehicle information such as remaining fuel, distance covered and maintenance schedule. General settings such as preferred units and date format can be adjusted via Smartphone while the TFT screen itself can also show – via an icon – if a telephone call or email has been received by the smartphone plus the screen brightness automatically switches between three rider-set levels to suit the available light. 

An up and down quick shifter is standard equipment in 2020 while twin silencers make way for a single sporty silencer mounted on the right hand side. Dynamic sport riding is enhanced by the adoption of Bridgestone S22 tyres while the overall look becomes more sporting with numerous subtle changes to the styling including a new front mudguard. 

Touring fans can be reassured that the innovative clean mount accessory pannier system continues for 2020 plus the option of accessory heated handlebar grips and even an under seat USB port as part of a long line of practical and sporty genuine accessory items. 

Three new colours appear for the new season, metallic graphite gray / metallic diablo black sits alongside emerald blazed green / metallic carbon gray / metallic graphite grey and pearl blizzard white / metallic carbon gray / metallic spark black. 

Sport or Tour, the Ninja 1000SX is more defined, more dynamic and more desirable for the new season and offers ‘The best of Both Worlds’. 

 Z900 becomes a screen star for 2020 season 

Updated for 2020, the Z900 maintains the “Exciting and Easy” concept of its predecessor, while offering the next step in aggressive Z Sugomi styling. 

A host of advanced new features appear including integrated Riding Modes (combining newly added KTRC and Power modes), new TFT colour instrument screen, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, all-LED lighting and cleaner emissions. 

Consistently at the head of the field in its capacity class of the naked sector, the Z900 is available in two versions for 2020, a full power machine rated at 125PS (92.2 kW) and an A2 specification model with 95PS (70kW) available. 

A combination of greater exhaust chamber volume to accommodate catalyser updates designed with anticipated Euro5 legislation and changes to the exhaust pre-chamber plus silencer creates an exhaust note with greater presence – especially at startup, idle, and when snapping the throttle. 

At the core of Kawasaki’s Z offering, the Z900 has been a consistently strong seller within Europe where the naked bike market has grown each year to become one of the dominating style sectors. 

Into this hotly contested environment the Z900 for 2020 is well prepared for the fight with the addition of Kawasaki’s highly praised KTRC traction control and the ability to select from four different rider modes and two power modes. 

This rider-centric approach extends to the cockpit area where a 10.9cm multi-function TFT meter screen appears for the first time displaying all the essential rider information plus allowing the rider to interrogate certain reporting functions of the machine using a Bluetooth connection via the unique Kawasaki Rideology App for smartphones. 

Functions that can be seen on the smartphone screen when connected via Bluetooth include vehicle information such as remaining fuel, distance covered and maintenance schedule. General settings such as preferred units and date format can be adjusted via Smartphone while the TFT screen itself can also show – with an icon – if a telephone call or email has been received. Need power for the phone or other devices? An under seat USB power socket is just one of the many Kawasaki Genuine Accessory items available for the latest Z900. 

Making sure the Z900 tracks in the right direction, the new original equipment tyre is now the much praised Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 and turning darkness into light, the Z900 is equipped with an LED head and tail lamp plus licence plate light and indicators. 

Both versions of the Z900 (full power and A2) will be available in the same new colour options in 2020. Those being metallic graphite gray / metallic spark black plus candy lime green / metallic spark black and pearl blizzard white / metallic spark black with the fourth option of metallic spark black / metallic flat spark black. 

Like other machines destined for the 2020 Kawasaki range, the Z900 core virtues are maintained and enhanced to create two machines with the same essential personality just larger and even more refined. 

 Feature packed Z650 for 2020 

 As innovators and leaders in the ever-growing naked bike class, Kawasaki have not rested on their success and the new Z650 represents a fresh iteration of a justifiably popular middle-weight model. 

Crafted using Kawasaki’s unique Sugomi philosophy – that matches each engineering plus with a styling plus – the Z650 sits proudly in a Z class that extends from 125cc all the way to 1000cc. And ever since its launch for the 2017 season, the muscular looking Z650 has delighted riders in the middle weight class with its no-nonsense looks allied to a fun and easy riding experience that rewards time served riders as much as those who have only recently been drawn to two wheels. 

Designed with the A2 licence category in mind, the Z650 with its narrow chassis profile and willing, predictable engine is either a great stepping stone towards a larger Z model or – for many – all the motorcycle they will ever want or need. 

Engine flexibility from tick-over to the red line and urban manoeuvrability are just two of the Z650’s recognised strong points, the confidence inspiring twin is also an ideal out of town and weekend thrills machine either solo or with a passenger who will additionally benefit from a revised and comfier rear seat. 

For 2020, the Z takes a giant stride forwards with the fitment of a stunning multi-function colour TFT meter with a 10.9cm screen replacing the previous meters with such items as gear position indicator, shift lamp, fuel gauge and Economical Riding Indicator plus other innovations including Bluetooth Smartphone connectivity. Additionally there’s now LED lighting front and rear plus Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 tyres fitted as standard. 

Z means style and fashion so no surprise that the Z650 now has the ability to connect to the riders’ smartphone for the new season. Pairing via Bluetooth is simple and, via Kawasaki’s own Rideology App, functions such as GPS route information and scheduled service information can be accessed in addition to all the normal notifications. 

Taking things in the braking and comfort departments to the next level, the 2020 Z650 has a new spec rear seat with deeper and wider padding allowing even greater distances to be covered with a passenger in confidence and comfort. 

The visible trellis type chassis of the Z650 remains unchanged with its angular bodywork magnifying the purposeful looks that have made it such a sales hit. And a new look demands new colours so three options will be available in 2020. Candy lime green / metallic spark black is bound to be popular while metallic spark black on its own is going to be a default for a certain type of rider. Finally pearl blizzard white / metallic spark black is the third and final of three great Z650 options. 

 Kawasaki Ninja 650 uprated and updated for 2020 

 The virtues of Kawasaki’s twin-cylinder, water-cooled Ninja 650 were quickly realised upon its launch for the 2017 season and it rapidly became established as one of Kawasaki’s most sought after machines in the mid-capacity sports arena. 

Supersport looks and lithe response combine with easy and fun handling allied to predictable, lively engine response creating an overall sporting package that rewards riders new to the A2 licence category plus those for whom 650cc and a narrow chassis profile are the recipe for the perfect machine. 

Engine flexibility from tick-over to the red line and urban manoeuvrability are just two of the Ninja 650’s recognised strong points, the confidence inspiring twin is also an ideal out of town and weekend thrills machine either solo or with a passenger who will additionally benefit from a revised and comfier rear seat. 

Now, for 2020, the lively sports model takes a giant stride forwards with a stunning multi-function colour TFT meter with a 10.9cm screen replacing the previous meters displaying such items as gear position indicator, shift lamp, fuel gauge and Economical Riding Indicator plus other innovations including Bluetooth Smartphone connectivity. LED lighting front and rear plus Dunlop Sportmax Roadsport 2 tyres are also now fitted as standard. 

For a new generation of riders – who would never leave home without their phone – the possibility to connect to their motorcycle is bound to be intriguing. Pairing via Bluetooth is simple and, via Kawasaki’s own Rideology App, functions such as GPS route information and schedule service information can be accessed in addition to all the normal familiar notifications. Additionally, the colour display itself can be switched between “positive” and “negative” displays while information to view plus a dimming or increasing of the intensity with a built in light sensor. 

Fuelling the visual connection with the awesome Ninja H2, the trellis type chassis of the Ninja 650 remains unchanged while reflecting the no-nonsense visual style of the KRT World Superbike. One of three colour options for 2020 will be a lime green / ebony look evocative of the bikes competing on the world stage. Joining this version will be a duo of other fresh options comprising metallic spark black and a final choice of flat stardust white / metallic flat spark black. 

Competition is fierce in the popular mid-capacity sports class and the new uprated and upgraded Ninja 650 is set to continue its coveted place among the front runners with this well-considered package of innovative and timely updates plus new colour options. 

 New Kawasaki Z H2 marks a new era in the Hypernaked class 

 Stretching back in an unbroken series of models over nearly fifty years to the iconic and ground-breaking Super Four model Z1 of 1972, Kawasaki has an enviable Z heritage in the naked class. 

Kawasaki is not looking back with its latest top level Z though. Instead, it encourages riders and fans to look to the future and anticipate meeting the most radical, most technically advanced and most powerful Z ever; the Z H2. Harnessing Kawasaki’s considerable in-house experience with the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R, the Z H2 forces the world of motorcycling in a new direction with the ultimate Hypernaked machine. 

Being at the pinnacle of the 2020 Z family is a huge responsibility which calls for a machine with a feature list satisfying the wants and needs of even the most demanding rider, delivering a specification that exceeds those demands thus creating “The Ultimate Z”. Echoing the core spirit of Kawasaki’s unique “Sugomi” design philosophy – where each styling innovation is matched equally by an engineering feature – the Z H2 literally bristles with interesting rider focused facets. 

Of course, most attention will initially be focused on the majestic 998cc four-cylinder engine equipped with Kawasaki’s in-house developed and manufactured integrated balanced supercharger. With a targeted heady peak of 200PS, the virtues of the design are a controllable yet invigorating flow of power building to a satisfying crescendo matched to more down to earth subtleties such as a rider friendly character that results in an eminently manageable ride. So whilst the Z H2 will be attractive to highly experienced riders, its all-round manageability makes it accessible to the wide potential audience. 

Exterior clues to the special nature of this “ultimate Z” abound with a new take on Sugomi styling and visual updates such as all LED lighting including indicators and licence plate illumination. The easy to read TFT meter panel is instantly recognisable and – upon closer inspection – the up/down quick shifter is apparent plus, on the left bar cluster, adjustment for the standard fit cruise control and a host of other rider-centric features. Kawasaki’s much praised trellis type chassis as used on previous supercharged models is updated for the new Z while Brembo M4 calipers appear attached to the Showa BPF front forks attesting to the high quality specification of this class leading naked machine. 

Deeper inside, Kawasaki engineers have worked hard to ensure a dynamic balance between performance and durability making a supercharged streetbike a practical yet exotic reality. With its assist and slipper clutch plus dog ring gearbox technology, clever use of oil as a coolant to eliminate the need for a bulky intercooler and manifest oil jets playing on key components, KHI engineers have married reliability to rideability in a way only they know how. 

A large number of electronic rider aids via the Bosch IMU such as traction control, intelligent anti-lock braking, cornering management function, selectable rider and power modes, anti-wheelie control are matched in the tech league table by Bluetooth connectivity which – via the Kawasaki Rideology Smartphone app – allows riders to interface with their machine and discover more about their ride and machine status, all via the screen of their mobile phone. Allied to practical information such as fuel economy and journey facts, there are also features such as a lean angle meter recorder that are sure to be a popular function. 

From its asymmetric supercharger air intake to one side of the menacing twin LED headlamps, via the reverse embossed “Supercharged” icon on the impeller unit to the aggressive Sugomi stance and dramatic colour coded trellis chassis with its imposing bodywork, the Z H2 is a symphony of sensation. Much anticipated, much talked about and perhaps most eagerly awaited of all 2020 Hypernaked machines, the Z H2 is here and ready to take its place at the head of the Z family and to take charge of the popular naked class. 

 2020 W800 completes impressive three machine W line 

 The recently launched brace of W800 models from Kawasaki are joined in 2020 by the final machine in the range creating a three model line. Adding a new glister and reflecting the success of the W800 Street and W800 CAFE, the new W800 turns its attentions to the impact created by the original W1 in 1966 and brings the ethos of that machine right up to date for modern taste and legislation. 

With the familiar lines of the 35kw, air-cooled 773cc bevel drive camshaft engine at its core, the W800 and its two siblings may have the look of previous W machines but the overwhelming majority of components are new or updated. 

Starting with the chassis, the frame is a new construction featuring larger diameter tubes for a more reassuring ride with the welcome convenience of a centre stand as a standard fit item. This thorough approach includes the front forks which increase in diameter to 41mm and – combined with wider wheel rims – make for responsive range of W800 machines with the new W800 having the unique benefit of 19inch front wheel for the most classic of looks. Add deep chrome mudguards and a chrome handlebar and the visual effect is stunning. 

From the aesthetic point of view the W800 features a deeply padded “tuck and roll” style seat, meter graphics unique to the model and a paint and graphic scheme that not only evokes machines of the past but does it with a modern twist. Standing back to appreciate the overall impact of the new W800, the sheer number of chromed and polished surfaces impresses, along with the classic lines of the twin exhausts and silencers that have been tuned to appeal to the ear as well as eye. 

Technically the W800 also shines with feature’s both evident and below the surface that mark it out as a machine that KHI engineers have dedicated much thought to. The new ABS disc brakes front and rear are both efficient and necessary for legislative compliance whilst the overall package is focused on meeting Euro5 requirements as they arrive. Inside the engine there is a clever addition is an assist and slipper clutch that eliminates rear wheel hop on down changes and, of course the most modern of heritage style twins features digital ignition, fuel injection and electric start. 

As the original icon, the W series has a place in Kawasaki’s motorcycle manufacturing history. With such a strong legacy and loyal following it is only right that for 2020 Kawasaki sets out a model line to appeal to a wide range of rider groups offering style options and genuine accessories to create that final, personal touch. The 2020, W800 has successfully encompassed over 50 years of W heritage and reinterpreted it for a new age of motorcycling while appealing to age old motorcycling virtues and style. 

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