Motul Supports SAMRA’s Initiative for the Rainbow Racers of Tomorrow

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Image taken by ZCMC:
Back –
1 – Matthew Scholtz
2 – Darryn Binder
3 – James Flick 
4- Jaden Hughes
5 – Decklyn Carr 
6 – Brad Binder 
7 – Themba Khumalo
8 – Neil Harran
9 – Brandon Goode
Middle – 
10 – Oratilwe Phiri 
11 – Lee Singh 
12 – Cayden Robert 
13 – Gianluca Del Grosso
Front – 
14 – KJ Mononyane
15 – Jason van Breda 
16 – Tyler Richardson
Motul was proud to support the SAMRA (South African Motorcycle Racing Academy) Youth Training Camp which has just taken place at Red Star Raceway in Delmas, Mpumalanga. The Training Camp gave young South African riders an inspirational opportunity to train with some of SA’s leading motorcycle racers and showed them just what can be achieved through hard work and passion. 

Founded in 2009, SAMRA is an NPO which uses the medium of motorcycle racing to develop the future leaders and decision makers of South Africa. It helps Rainbow Racers – as the youngsters are known – to acquire and hone the skills and attributes they will need to make a difference in society. 

“With 36 new and existing riders taking part, the Red Star Raceway Training Camp was a great success,” confirmed Neil Harran, Head of SAMRA. “We were honoured to welcome some of SA’s leading international motorcycle racing stars as coaches, including Brad and Darryn Binder and Matthew Scholtz. Our Rainbow Racers got a real kick out of meeting them and gained an enhanced sense of where riding motorcycles could take them,” he added. 

“Motul is passionate about motorcycle racing and so we were delighted to get involved in this year’s SAMRA Training Camp,” stated Mercia Jansen, Motul Area Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa. “These young riders represent the future of the sport – and thanks to SAMRA, it’s a sport that’s becoming much more inclusive and a true reflection of our Rainbow Nation,” she concluded. 

The four-day Training Course gave the young Rainbow Racers the chance to improve their skills on a real racetrack, under the watchful eyes of SAMRA’s coaching team. Rainbow Racers participated in tailored training sessions in the following classes: NSF100, 150 and/or 250.  The coaches reported that the learners had exceeded their expectations in all areas. 

This was a testament to SAMRA’s approach, which focuses on building up the young racers’ confidence. It’s a step that represents the transformation from young, shy kids (many of whom who’ve never seen a motorcycle “in the metal”) to assured racers, taking corners as though they were born to ride. And this year they proved their skill in the rainy weather.

By instilling passion for racing in these young racers, SAMRA is hoping to discover the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: the South African pro motorcycle racers of tomorrow.  

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